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  • Pure chiffon dupatta multi colour 2.25 meters very soft material

    • Leheriya Dupatta
    • Jaipuri dupatta
    • Chiffon Dupatta
    • Multi Colour dupatta
    • Dupatta for women
    • Designer Dupatta
    • Printed dupatta
  • Designer dupatta online in heavy work for women and girls. size 225×100 CM colour maroon 10 fancy Latkan. Perfect for Marriage Party Anniversary & During festive season.


    1. Designer dupatta online heavy work
    2. Designer dupatta online heavy
    3. Dupatta online heavy work
    4. Designer dupatta online
    5. Dupatta online heavy
    1,200.00 348.00
  • COD | Free shipping | White Dupatta Online for women and girls. Size 2.25 × 1 Meters. Light in weight premium in quality dupatta online. (It can be dye also other colour)


    1. Pure chiffon Nazneen dupatta
    2. White dupatta online
    3. White dupatta
    4. Chiffon Nazneen dupatta
    5. Pure chiffon Nazneen
    500.00 245.00
  • Red Banarasi silk dupatta with golden border heavy zari weaving. Full length and width of 2.50×1 Meters, colour red. Fancy tassel on both side weightless silk dupatta and beautiful shinning. Evergreen dupatta because can be used in the marriage party anniversary festival occasion.

    2,295.00 498.00
  • Silk dupatta online multicolour 2.25 meters very shining and soft material. Tie and dye dupatta its also called bandhni or bandhej dupatta this is Indian traditional name. silk dupatta buy online.


    • Silk Dupatta
    • Multicolor dupatta
    • Bandhani Dupatta
    • Dupatta for women
    • Designer Dupatta
    • Bandhej dupatta
    500.00 347.00
  • Heavy Work Dupatta Online Star Galaxy fancy look. Weightless fabric and High-quality dupatta Nazneen chiffon colour Maroon dupatta with 10 fancy Latkan (Tassal) Dupatta Size: 2.25×100 CM.


    1. heavy work dupatta online star
    2. Work dupatta online star galaxy
    3. heavy work dupatta online
    4. Work dupatta online star
    5. Dupatta online star galaxy
    1,200.00 278.00
  • Multicolour dupatta online Art Silk size:  2.50 × 1 Meter. Multicolour printed dupatta for women and girl. Shiny fabric that perfect for all occasion.


    1. Multicolor dupatta online
    2. Multicolor dupatta
    3. Dupatta online
    4. Art silk
    5. Dupatta
    998.00 298.00
  • Chiffon Designer Dupatta Online blue. Fancy Dupatta Online Heavy work dupatta online blue colour. This dupatta perfect for wedding and marriage party as well as all occasion summer to winter. Size: 2.25 meters long


    • chiffon designer dupatta online
    • designer dupatta online
    • chiffon designer dupatta
    • dupatta online
    • designer dupatta
    600.00 345.00
  • Galaxy Dupatta Online It’s unique dupatta for women’s and girls. This is Dew Drop print whole galaxy print on dupatta. There are thousands of embroidered Stars on the Galaxy dupatta. Galaxy dupatta designer dupatta fancy look. Weightless fabric and High-quality dupatta Nazneen chiffon colour Maroon dupatta with border golden zari lace and Dupatta Size: 2.25×100 CM.


    1. QueenEmara galaxy print designer dupatta
    2. Galaxy print designer dupatta online
    3. QueenEmara galaxy print designer
    4. Galaxy print designer dupatta
    5. Print designer dupatta online
    1,200.00 348.00